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Field Van is the premier choice for custom van conversions.

Our team is passionate about the craftmanship of building reliable, customized vans that let you create your own adventures on and off trail.

Field Van is a family-owned business that employs 75+ people with hundreds of combined years of building vans. Our skilled craftsmen have built thousands of vans and our sales team has decades of experience in designing the perfect van.

With locations in Fresno, CA and Reno, NV, we also practice what we preach. Being open only Monday through Friday allows our team to use their weekends enjoying the outdoors, spending time with family and friends, and testing our products!

Our Team

Field Van has 75+ employees with a combined 525 years of van building experience! Our average tenure here is over 7 years.

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4x4 Installer

Our 4x4 installers have been building these vehicles for decades with a custom designed build process to take the E-Series Platform to a whole new level.


Our production team is comprised of systems, upholstery, and wood working professionals who assemble your van throughout our production line.


Our team comes from backgrounds of both applied and design engineering creating components that work well in vans and can stand the rigor of off-road use.

Top Only

This team is dedicated to install pop tops. They install a few a week and have the process down to a science now.

Our Facilities



Since 1989, the Feld family has been at the forefront of van camping and overlanding. The Feld family has seen thousands of dreams come to fruition through the production of vans and adventure vehicles over the last three decades as a partner (is partner the right word?) with one of the biggest names in the custom van building industry.


They hosted the first ever Van Rally in 1998 at Lake Isabella, CA. The focus was on overlanding and to get customers and experts together for educational fun. The rally offered training and instruction on many overlanding disciplines like winching, traveling to remote locations, and gourmet cooking on the road. These rallies grew over 10 years and included a rally to Baja Mexico in 2000 with over 80 vans traveling through the desert together!


In 2009, the Overland Expo was created with hundreds of people in attendance near Prescott, AZ. The Feld family had the only adventure vans on display and participated in the various activities including an off-road driving course. 10 years later, the Overland Expo has exploded to hundreds of vendors and tens of thousands of attendees. A "village" has been developed at the Overland Expo and generally has about 75 to 100 satisfied customers camping onsite recreating the fun atmosphere of those original van rallies. Happy hours are held, music is played, stories are shared, and many memories are made.


Throughout the years, the Feld family and their team at Field Van has developed the numerous innovations in the van industry and we plan to continue to grow to assisting you in creating your adventure!